Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Bunny Studio

The Etsy Maine Team has been blogging about member studios lately, and I also came across a contest on Twitter to Tweet Your I decided to take a few photos.

This is where I take my photos...usually. It depend son the time of day! This is my grandmother's antique table along with some keepsakes and props I use in my photos. I also take photos on the kitchen table! It's dark in here now, but you can just barely make out the Swiffer Duster on the floor in the bottom left corner...gotta keep things clean!

This is my huge comfy chair where I sit back, relax, and create....yup, on tray tables. The desk on the left is mostly used just for storage, as is the ottoman that opens up in the bottom right.

That's right behind the couch. I keep my plastic divided containers of beads in there (which are organized by, crystal, plastic, stone, pearl/shell...) as well as my tools, findings, and random bits of whatever. The basket of clothespins? Those are for barrette-making. Very complicated process...really.

Another view...some works-in-progress on the funky flower parts drying, waiting to be glued to bobby pins...also the pumpkin charm bracelet I blogged about last week. As you can see, I do all my work right here, from making earrings and gluing bobbies to updating and chatting on Etsy. The desk is usually covered in things, too, but I just organized a week ago and it's not too cluttered yet. Inside are my tubes of seed beads, spools of softflex and other stringing materials, and on top are...

Some Beadin' Path goodies =) My most recent order, just a small one..some stones, vintage flowers, crystals...and a pumpkin doodled by Miss Ashley Bunting, lucite dyer extraordinaire.

This is where those flowers will end up...can you see it? Somewhere in this linen closet, on the other side of the house?? Between the cleaning supplies and living room decor I have yet to find a wall I like for! The purple drawers and the middle green drawers hold finished products. The green drawers on the right hold the plastic lace filigree, vintage daisy flowers, and barrette and bobby pin blanks. Next to that set of drawers is a box of business cards and a bunch of craft show props.
In case you were wondering, on the bottom there, those orange boxes are Wheaties boxes...and yes, they will be hung on the walls! I have a whole "Boston Sports Wall" that I put up every time we move...I just haven't gotten around to it yet!

Now, what aren't you seeing? The "mailing center" that's in the hallway...right next to the dog treats and cookbooks. Perfect place, right? I have a little mailbox that holds envelopes, business cards, pens, tape, tissue paper, and more. Down the hall and in the dining room? More mailing supplies, including a box foll of boxes made by Angie. =)
You're also missing out on the office, where the glues, papers (for photo backgrounds) and other crafting supplies markers, scissors, stamps, tape, hole punches, and more. The Office is more my husband's turf...there's a lot of CDs, a bass guitar, his computer, his amp, his effects pedals...and a bunch of junk! Hence I didn't photograph's a mess!

Did you like your tour? The Studio is ever-evolving, eventually I hope to have everything all in one room...that certainly WOULD be a lot easier. But until then...this is my setup! Thanks for checking it out!

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