Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's time!

It's time for the Etsy Maine Team Scavenger Hunt!

To play, you must have an Etsy account...and some free time! That's it! Go through the following list of 25 Etsy Maine Team shops and look for this ghost hidden in a listing*:

When you find the listing with Mr. Ghostie in it, copy and paste the link and keep a list of them. Get at least 15 ghosts correct then convo it to DreaBunny on Etsy, and if you get them all right you are entered to win one of 25 prizes! Find 20 ghosts and get THREE entries!

*Here's a hint for you Hunters...the listing will be either Halloween-themed or Fall-themed! Happy Hunting!

Here's a sneak peek at some of our prizes...

A set of three hand-printed bookmarks from CozInk!

Earrings from Kintster23!

A keychain and wallet made by seven-year-old MalloryAlisabeth!

A necklace from KarhuMoon!

A set of lavender sachets from FolkArtTree!

A set of bobby pins from BunnyBaubles!

A set of hand crocheted wash cloths from BabbidgePatch!

Gorgeous earrings from WillowAndMe!

An Encaustic painting tutorial and paints from JamieRibisi!

And more!! Some shops are offering gift cards and your choice of some of their shop products! Be sure to get your completed lists convoed to DreaBunny by midnight on Saturday 10/3/09 to be entered to win a prize!!


  1. Great fun! The little ghost is cute- scary :) Boo....
    Cathy / BabbidgePatch

  2. is everyone on the list taking part as Ive searche laika6000's stuff 4 times and there is no ghost.

  3. Hi Sock Mama...I guess Laika6000 is having trouble getting the ghost image in her shop, I wrote to her last night. I'm sorry for your trouble! But you only need to find 15 shops, or 20 if you want to be entered three times.

  4. I found 20! Yay!
    Hope I get picked!

    Thanks for hosting such a fun game :)

  5. Sorry, I finally got the picture loaded- my computer didn't like the original sent to me- it wouldn't open it. Now it's up!
    Laika Handknits

  6. Whoo Hoo I got 20. All of you have great shops and I love Scavenger Hunts.

  7. Yeah!! Thanks for playing Kniiopotamus! =)

  8. Such fun to play :-) I found 21 ...I looked thru ALL the shops even though I had already found my 20 ghosties - didn't want anyone to feel left out (as if they would know! lol) Still bugging me that I couldn't find those other 4 - they must be hidden really well. hehe. Great game!! Many hearts were left on my journey thru the shops as well - great stuff out there in Maine!!