Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Irrational Fear Challenge

I challenge the members of the Etsy Maine Team (and heck, why not everyone else out there, too?) to create a piece based on an irrational fear they have. The piece can be anything...jewelry, painting, collage, clothing, edible art...anything! Just so long as it's handmade.

These items do not have to be listed on Etsy in your shop, and it doesn't have to be something you'd usually make (for example, if you usually make jewelry, you could make a painting, or still make jewelry. It's up to you!)

Post your submissions on your blog, and if you're on the Etsy Maine Team on our chat threads. Then shoot me a convo at DreaBunny so I'm sure to see it.
The Submission Deadline is November 13, 2009.
Those who submit will have their name put into a hat and get a little something from me =) I'll base the prize on the winner!

=) Have fun...and don't get too scared =)

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