Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Bunday to Us...

We do things differently in the Bunny House. We have pink Birthday Trees, for instance. See how excited Pants is??

We bought that tree post-xmas at Big Lots for about $5! Love it! I also decorate it for Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Easter. Why not?

So anyways, Pants and I have birthdays 2 days apart, but with our crazy schedules we didn't get to celebrate on either of our actual birthdays. We opened gifts a week early, then had cake 5 days late. Oh well! It was still fun (and delicious)!

Those crazy flames are actually little letter candles my mom sent to us, it spelled out "MATT N DREA" with the big "25" behind the "N." (You didn't really think our names were Pants ad Bunny, did you? Heehee)