Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spring Cleaning!

I know it's February, but I've started my Spring Cleaning already! I decided to do some cleaning in my Etsy shops too, adding to my Sale/Clearance sections so I can make room for new things I have been working on! I have several new necklaces for BunnyBeads so the SALE section in that shop has grown significantly. I am also phasing out the "Candy" line of bobby pins and barrettes at BunnyBaubles to make way for my "Button Up" line, created with mis-matched vintage buttons. I love me some buttons! Above are my new Laura pins, below are the Kaylea pins. Love!

Several of my fellow Etsy Maine Team members have started to clean up their shops too! You can search Etsy for our SALE items, we're tagging them with "MaineSpringClean" so it's easy to find and shop! There are some really awesome items that are super-affordable! Go check it out!

Speaking of the Maine Team, I got some really awesome Valentine ideas from fellow teammate Shannon, who is an editor of the online magazine Modern Handmade Child. (Check out Shannon's Etsy shops here and here!)

I am a Nanny by day, so I am always looking for fun new things for the boys to do. Ben, in 3rd grade, is currently learning parts of speech in English class. So what's better than giving out super-funny MadLibs Valentines?? We took MHC's idea a step further by decorating paper hearts (as you can see, with loads of stickers!) and inserted the MadLibs scrolls at an angle to be the "arrow" through each heart.

For 1st grader Jake, we had a lot of fun peeling and breaking up crayons to make his Valentines. Here are our broken crayons going into the oven (in a silicone muffin pan I got at Jo-Anne's for $7.50!)

Check out the "After!" Jake was very impressed! His class loved the crayons too, win-win! I made these crayons again with my best friend's seven-year-old daughter, another success! She made a red, white, and blue heart crayon just for her daddy. Feel the love!


  1. Cute cute cute idea and they turned out adorable!!!

  2. wow, I totally want to make those crayons!

  3. Do it Joe! It was cool to watch them meeeeeeeeelt.