Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day

It was a snowy one up here today! Cold and snowy! I went down to Freeport to buy some cookie cutters for the BunnyBakes gift baskets...I was out of breath walking out in that cold, uphill, sliding on ice under snow...yikes! I love the snow, but I don't love walking uphill in it! Huff, huff, huff!

I have some exciting news today! I'm soon to be shipping off some bobby pins to Shana Logic, one of my favorite Indie online stores. I have some items from there and loads of Etsians sell there as well. I'm really excited! Two of my bobby pin styles will be offered, the Pink Peppermint and Orange Creamsicle. Yay!

Another exciting thing today...I heard back from Stringing Magazine! I had sent them photos of three pairs of earrings and one necklace via email. If they like what they see in the email they'll write back asking you to send the items in so they can judge in person. So I made it to "Round 2," they want to see the necklace and one pair of earrings. This is all for the Fall 2009 issue, so it will be a while before I hear back from them or see anything published, but it would be great to get some exposure!

To add to my already excitement-filled day, I have officially opened my two new Etsy shops! Three "Bunny" shops, yikes!

BunnyBakes is my shop for all thing baking! My plan for this shop will eventually include actual baked goods and recipes...but for now I'm stocking it with gift baskets made with bakers in mind and blank handmade recipe cards. I really dislike recipe cards that have all that junk written on them..."from the kitchen of," "oven temp," "bake time," even the ones that just have a space for ingredients! What if I'm not baking something, or what if there is no set time? Wasted space, in my opinion. So my cards have some stamped-on decor and lots of blank lines!
I like 'em! I hand-draw the lines, no printing process for me! Time-consuming but a labor of love =) Plus I think they look cute this way!

And on to Shop Number Three! BunnyBaubles is where all the old hair accessories from BunnyBeads are going to live, as well as some new creations. I'm currently still in the process of moving items from one shop to the other, and it's time-consuming so I'm taking a break...until tomorrow! I have some new cabochons to glue onto bobby pin bases and also some ponytail enhancers coming soon! Anyone need some hair bling? =)

Last item on tonight's Blog Agenda...check out this apron I had custom-made for me! I can't wait til it arrives!! Too cute.

Happy snow, everyone!


  1. I love the new shops Drea! If only I had some hair to add some bling to!! Good luck with Baubles and Bakes.

  2. oooh...have you thought of carrying dairy free/vegan/and/or gluten free cupcakes?

    I made some today that were all of the above and moist and wonderful, but no frosting. :(