Monday, January 26, 2009

Birthday gifts and gift baskets...

Yesterday my parents came to visit and we celebrated my dad's birthday a bit early. We had a great afternoon...Mom and Matt played Abalone, an obscure game Matt had wanted for a while which my mother found online and gave to him for Christmas. Dad got some goodies, but I think his favorite was the "Maine Moose Cake" I made him. We had a late lunch at the Azure Cafe (my fav!) in Freeport and came home for cake. It was a pretty yummy day!

My parents brought my old daybed with them, so Matt and I re-arranged the office today and set up the bed. We got some new sheets, a quilt, pillows, and the softest throw blanket EVER. My big, green, stuffed sheep Sebastian fits nicely there.

The office doesn't look too bad with a bed in it! Crowded, but ok. I now have all my beading tables and supplies in the living room, and my paper goods and shipping/packaging supplies on the second desk in the office.
I am hoping this re-arrange will make things easier for managing multiple Etsy shops. The office/guest bedroom is home to our big desk with desktop computer, my small desk (seen below), Matt's bass/amp/effects pedals, my keyboard and its stand, Matt's CD collection (we're in need of new storage for them!!), a big bookcase, and the daybed.

Luckily the instruments fit under the bed for storage, but those CD shelves have got to go and the amp is crowded right up next to my desk, the bed is right next to the book shelf, and there is just enough room at the other end of the bed for the big desk chair for the computer area. Yikes!

I doubt this is very feng-shui...but I do hope to finish up the Valentine gift baskets and have them listed on BunnyBakes tomorrow. I have some supplies ready for other holidays and events, but not enough just Valentine for now. I got busy making recipe cards today, I drew the lines individually by hand and decorated with rubber stamps. Check 'em out and tell me what you think!I've also got some new jewelry made for BunnyBeads so keep an eye out, once pictures are taken later in the week they will be listed!

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