Monday, February 2, 2009


Just another quick post...

Last week I mentioned that I sold a bunch of bobby pins to

There they are! I shipped them off today, but not before taking a few photos...BOBBY PIN ARMY!! They'll attack you and fill you full of cute!

My office will forever smell like glue =) I love these guys, they are adorable. Kind of like Shana Logic! Where else can I find a bunch of cupcake and bunny items? (OK, Etsy...but a lot of Etsians are on her site too!)

BunnyBaubles now has all the bobbies and other assorted hair goodies brought over from BunnyBeads! I bought up some new cabs today so look for new bobbies and some barrettes soon (like tomorrow!)


  1. I love the pic!! These bobby pins are gorgeous!!!

  2. Thanks Ps! They were fun to put know me and pink...=D