Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How do I love Etsy? Let me count the ways...A Valentine Gift Guide.

I absolutely love Etsy. I can sell my jewelry and hair accessories there, meet new friends there, buy some of the best items I have ever bought there...and it's time to pay tribute to the makers of those fabulous items. Need a great last-minute Valentine's Day gift? Well check out these shops for some great buys...They've got the Bunny Stamp of Awesome!

First and foremost I have to show some love to Peggy of ThreeBridgesSewingCo and Treasure Scents. I have bought more from her than anyone else, and she makes some spectacular things...I bought my adorable Berry Pleased To Meet You business card holder from her and have gotten so many compliments. Originally made in brown, I asked Peggy if she could make a pink one for me and she did...within a DAY. It is awesome! Kristin also ordered one, a custom-design with polka-dots to match her business cards. How cute?
Peggy is truly wonderful with her designs and custom creations. Her creativity is through the roof, her talent is exceptional, and her work is prize-worthy. On top of all that, Peggy is like a mother hen to us Maine Teamers on Etsy...always helpful, always sweet, always ready to lend a hand...she even sent me a secret family recipe! Shh! Don't tell... =)
My pick for a great Valentine's Gift? One of her pink heart-shaped lavender sachets:

I have one of this design, she also offers others!

Second on my list is the afore-mentioned Kristin, of BurntMeadowBeads. I am a jewelry seller so technically my darling friend Kristin would be competition...but there is just no matching her creativity, quality, and flair! Check out her adorable Fairy Flower line in her shop! Bracelets, earrings, pins...and really sweet magnet sets. Kristin definitely has an eye for color and fun!
My Valentine suggestion? A Fairy Flower Pin:

This beauty is called "Love Grows," and it's easily put on a chain to be worn as a pendant as well as a brooch! Perfect and pretty!

Moving along, here's to the real sweets! You all must know that I am a chocoholic, and I'm not ashamed of it! I recently ordered some chocolates from Denise's shop LittleSnowflakes for my husband's Valentine's gift...I hope they last til Valentine's Day! just looking through Denise's shop makes my mouth water...cookies, candies, fudge...PUMPKIN fudge at that! I need to taste all of these! Denise sent out some freebies to me, as a thank you with my order, and I cannot stop raving aboout these goodies! Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles...these have got to be the best invention ever! The three over-stuffed truffles I got were gone in a blink, and let me tell you that I have a cavity in one tooth that has been killing me but NOTHING could stop me from devouring all three! I want to rip open the chocolates I bought for Matt and have a taste now!
Order yours by February 6th to ensure delivery in time for Valentine's Day! And if you're a cookie-dough lover like me, let me suggest the delicious truffles:

Don't forget Denise's delectable choco-peanut butter hearts, too! Too cute to pass up for Valentine's day!

Do you also know that I am a soap-lover? Angie, who makes my gift boxes for my jewelry, also makes soaps. her two shops are Suds N Such and Angie's Others. Her soaps are fantastic. There's a selection of wonderful-to-smell bars and wonderful-for-your-skin bars and everything in-between! I have started using her facial bars, tomato at night and cucumber in the skin is definitely improved! Much less dry, much clearer, much better! The best cure for winter-dry skin? Her Calendula bars. Now, I started calling my sister Carolyn, AKA Cal, "Calendula" several years ago, and kind of bought the Calendula Bar of soap as a gag for her this Christmas. But when I got the sample from Angie, I was blown away. This bar does wonders for the skin! I went back for more, getting soaps for my friends and cousins. My cousin Caitlin and I love singing The Pina Colada Song, so what better than Pina Colada soap??
Well, what should you buy your Valentine? Pucker up and buy some of these sweet strawberry-scented "soap pops":

Check out her creative Soaps-To-Go, too! Angie's got a sale going on until Monday the 9th, so buy 'em up quick!

Now, what to get for the arteeeeest in your life? Check out Jamie Ribisi-Braley's shop for some great artwork and encaustic paints! I wish I had painting talent, then I would buy some paints for myself! Alas, I lack the ability to do much more than doodle stick figures.
Jamie's got a series she is working on, Ghosts of the Past. Here's one. She uses Civil War photos from the National Archives, layers wax and pigment over the images, and creates beautiful and haunting pieces. Got a Civil War buff who's also into art? Check 'em out! These are even more wonderful in person. I wonder if I could commission her to do a Civil War/Steelers painting for my Uncle Dan? hmmm...
My pick from her shop for your Valentine? This gorgeous painting:

I recently stayed with Jamie and her husband and her twin sister, Joy, at their soon-to-be artist's retreat B&B in Manchester, Maine. That painting hung over the bed I slept in and it was a pleasant sight to see upon waking up! On a budget? Check out the art necklace in Jamie's shop, featuring this painting.

Whew! That's a long post, so I'll stop for now! With Valentine's Day coming up I've just gotta show the love!


  1. THANK YOU!!!! You rock! And, yes, you can commission me to paint just about anything :)

  2. You're the sweetest Bunny! Thanks for the kind compliments.

  3. Jamie - If only I had a couple hundred bucks to drop!! That painting would be so funny =)

    Peg - You're welcome and you're worth it! Woot woot!

  4. This is very nice list of recommendations! I'm eyeing those cookie dough chocolates longingly :P