Saturday, February 7, 2009


I posted a little while back about my dog's new favorite place: the daybed. That's Jack up there, watching the neighbors walking to their homes, cars, wherever. He's completely entertained by it, and I'm like wise entertained by him.

Jack also likes to play Wii games with us. Well, mainly he likes to try to get the remote from us and mess up our scores. Such a sweet pup =)

Check out Kaholly's blog, where she shows off my Beach Barrette! Everyone up here is so tired of being COLD! Think Spring!

Off to play some Wii Billiards =) I'm not very good, but I blame it on Jack =)

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  1. Hey, Bunny, thanks for mentioning my blog! Yours looks great. You are into so many things.......awwww, the pleasures of youth!