Friday, February 6, 2009

Fresh start

Well, I just finished reorganizing one-third of my crafting and Etsy things. Wahoo! The desk in the office is now 100% clean and clutter-free! This is my "shipping center," so to speak. Tissue, bubble wrap, mailers, boxes, tape, business cards, gift bags and gift boxes (my cool handmade ones from AngiesOthers!), pens, pencils, markers...yikes! It's now also home to all my finished pieces, from all shops...bobby pins and barrettes, earrings, necklaces, bracelets. All the wine charms and stoppers are here, too, stored in wine glasses =)

Everything's nice and tidy, within reach, and not buried under a pile of beads, fibers, and empty baggies. Yay!
Now, how long is it gonna stay this way?? ;)

Now that I have space to THINK, I have three things for y'all to check out!

1. Check out my pal Angie's blog, where BunnyBeads gets a nod:

2. Check out, where my Orange Creamsicle Bobbies have been redubbed Tangerine Dream =) 10% of proceeds from the sales of Shana's Fashion Fundraiser go to the ASPCA! I'm glad to have my product in that group!!

3. Check out my shop BunnyBaubles, where I have posted the coolest and craziest barrette and some rockin' guitar pick bobbies. So fun! (They sold!! Good thing I can make more, so I just relisted them! YAY!)


  1. I love the paint in the room and it looks so neat. Congrats on getting rid of the clutter!!!

  2. Thanks! It's not paint, they're vinyl wall clings. It's not worth it to paint the walls here when we'll just have to paint them white again in two years (military housing) so we founds these cool removable and reusable guys at Home Depot!

  3. Nice room, DreaBunny. I give it less than one week!! Thanks for checking out my blog. -karen

  4. I'm jealous of your shipping center.