Monday, April 20, 2009

Busy Bee...Uh, I mean, Bunny!

These next few months are shaping up to be busy ones! There has been a lot going on so far in April as well! But it's all exciting and fun, so bring it on!

Fellow Etsy Maine Team member AutumnEquinox has a photo challenge going on her blog for Etsy Maine Team members. She wants to see our Spring in Maine photos! My husband and I spent a day at Popham Beach last week and I took a lot of photos, it will be hard to narrow it down! Here are my favorites...I'll be taking a few more today. I have to hurry because the contest ends at 8PM tonight!!

Some sand erosion on the beach...the grasses are coming back to life, though!

A little birdie! He was hopping around Fort Popham.

This cute little girl was all bundled up...this is VERY "Spring in Maine" to me...we'll take any chance we can to get to the beach on a sunny day, even if we have to bring our winter coats! She was chasing seagulls, then running to her mother and sister to "wahm up!"

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