Thursday, April 30, 2009

Colors, six year olds, deals and steals!

I have been spending a lot of time with my neighbors and their kids lately. They are moving to Jacksonville (tomorrow!) and it's not fun to say goodbye (even though we'll be moving after them...three more months!). With all the stress of moving, I have been keeping six-year-old Adlen as occupied as I can, and she's teaching me a lot about life at six years...the swings are still fun, it's never a bad thing to sing out loud while walking around the block, and life should be colorful and fun. Love it!

Maybe that's why my BunnyBaubles shop has been getting a healthy dose of color lately? =) Between the rainbow of guitar pick pieces (stolen from my hubby's stash!) and the brand new colors of Lace Barrettes, Bunny Baubles is a bright and happy shop! Perfect timing for Spring, I think.

Before I run off, here are a couple deals I have running!
This weekend, Friday-Sunday (May 1-3) any purchase from BunnyBaubles gets a free pair of Guitar Pick Bobbies!
And from now until Mother's Day, May 10th, free first-class shipping in my BunnyBeads shop! Now there's no excuse to forget Mom!!

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