Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Missing something...?

Well, you tell me. I made a few pairs of earrings last week while I was home with my parents, and I like how these turned out but I also am not sure if I should add to them or not. So...

I'm debating putting a small crystal or pearl into the center of the brass rose...or leaving it open.

On these...maybe I like 'em as is...or maybe they're too open. You tell me!

Leave me a comment!! =)


  1. Drea, I like them both. The first pair - I think a tiny crystal would define the rose better. The second - would look cute with a tiny bird floating in the center. Just my thoughts. However I do like them both as they are.

  2. oh, I think a pearl would look great! beautiful!

  3. Thanks ladies! I love birds but I don't like to wear 'em...and I won't make anything I wouldn't wear myself! It's too trendy....

    ...Now a BUNNY hanging there...heehehee