Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Holidaze

What has the Bunny been up to? A LOT! Like a trip to the zoo with five kids under 12....

And decorating cookies with that same group the next day....

And having a very merry Christmas! There were loads of presents, but my favorites came from are a few goodies from my favorite group, the Etsy Maine Team!

Jack with his new bling! "Mama's Boy" tag from LoftedDesigns.

Me being a ham with my new sign from WordBoards!

And this one wasn't for me, but for my grandparents from all 19 of us grandkids, grandkids-in-law, and great-grandkid =) I wish I had been there to see them open it! All I got was a little bitty cell phone picture which was kind of lame. So here's the photo Melissa of Little Pink House took after she completed this masterpiece!

Well, what else has been going on? We added some new furniture and re-arranged the house a bit! Now my parents are visiting from Massachusetts and we've been having fun shopping and sightseeing with them. My favorite sight so far?

Oh yeah. That's a shrunken head.

Happy New Year, from the Bunny to you!


  1. Jack looks so HANDSOME with his new bling! What a cutie! -Lori
    P.S. I love shrunken heads.

  2. Darla loves her bling too! I'll have to take her photo next time I'm over my friend's house! Thanks again, Lori!