Saturday, December 19, 2009

Designing Designs

Here at the Bunny Abode it has been a LONG week. I have been sick for the past four days and there's only so much daytime TV I can handle. I made a few pairs of earrings for Christmas and Hanukkah gifts, and strung up the Gators bracelet I mentioned in my last post.

I made the earrings for a friend...I love these aqua blue glass beads. I use them here and there in a lot of designs, because they're so vibrant and fun! They're vintage lovelies from The Beadin' Path in Freeport, ME.

And speaking of the BP, on Tuesday I received a batch of pretty pink beads, after I badgered my former boss and owner of the shop to make me a Design Partner. I love that they sent me PINK, which is pretty much my favorite color in the NBA off-season (during the season it's green, because I'm superstitious and a Celtics fan).

I haven't played much yet...ohhhh but I will! Just wait til I get this fever down...

THESE babies are going to be perfect for my cousin Liz's Christmas gift...Liz is like me...a magpie and a lover of pink!

I hope you're ready to see lots of PINK this week! =) And I also hope you're ready for a story tomorrow...because tonight was an interesting say the least! Let's just say I had an unexpected visitor in an unexpected place...

Good night Bloggers =)

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