Sunday, August 8, 2010


It's been a busy few months and I've been slacking in both Blogland and Real Life...but I'm slowly working my way back into the creative world....all because I realized I had my store-bought red, white and blue Americana wreath still, not just since the Fourth of July but since MEMORIAL DAY. Whoops!

You see, I'm an equal-opportunity neglecter. It's not just you, my dear blog. I have also overlooked my poor front door. That happy little wreath of tin stars needed replacing, STAT. It's August, after all! So it was off to A.C. Moore I went...(did you know they offer a military discount?? Cuz they do!)I took the easy way out and bought a premade wreath and silk flowers to wire on. Gotta start slow, y'know? Pretty pale pink roses and hydrangea with creamy pretty! Brilliantly green hydrangea leaves added some pop, and then I finished with some awesome vintage lucite goodies The Beadin' Path...translucent ribbed baubles in watermelon and tiny carnation pink rounds. I wired them in with this great soft aluminum wire I bought there a couple years ago...not sure if there is any still in stock but it's fun to play with!

So, what next? Well, today I started a facebook fan page for my jewelry shop on Etsy, BunnyBeads. Would you like to like me? Go here. Would you like to like me even more? Check out the BunnyBaubles page here. I also started an encaustic painting today with supplies I bought from fellow Maine Teamer Jamie Ribisi-Braley. Check out her absolutely stunning artwork and supplies here in her Etsy shop! I promise (as always) an update about this new painting soon...<3