Monday, May 24, 2010


I have some really awesome and exciting news to share! I've been busy for the past few months raising money for this year's Relay For Life, which is the American Cancer Society's #1 annual fundraiser. This is something I have done every year for 13 years...but this year is special. THIS year I have a force of awesome standing behind me in my efforts...and that force is

April Winchell runs the website which is downright snarky and mean...which is why I love it. April is a snarky bitch with a heart of gold. She recently raised money through Regretsy to help an Etsy seller, HiBird, to get a new sewing machine, and when I saw how quickly the Regretsy community rallied for this cause I wanted to cry. She did something totally amazing and life-changing in a matter of hours. It gave me hope. I emailed April to tell her how amazing that was and how I really needed that to lift my spirits since my own fundraising had hit a is tight this year, and everyone's feeling it. Without being asked, April graciously donated $100 leftover from the sewing machine fund to my personal Relay Fund, and now she set up this, just for me:

I am so excited about this! Now there are so many ways to help!
-To donate directly to me, go HERE!
-You can also buy from my two Etsy shops, BunnyBeads and BunnyBaubles, because 25% of total sales through May and June are donated.
-You can also donate to me directly, HERE!
-You can bid on the Regretsy Ebay items.
-You can buy April's Regretsy book directly from where her royalties will go to my fund and will kick in an additional 5%.
-Did I mention you can donate directly HERE...?
-You can also donate items to go into one of two gift baskets that will be raffled off at the Relay on June 11. The first basket is going to be full of Regretsy-themed goodness, the second full of offerings from the Etsy Maine Team.

Big thanks to April and the Regretsy community, and to all my friends who have also generously donated to this cause! Thank you!!!

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  1. You'll get so much money, you will have to carry it there in a wheelbarrow!