Friday, January 23, 2009


It's been another wonderful week here in Bunnyland! I've been keeping busy, hence I haven't written in almost a week!

Monday's Etsy Maine Team meeting was a blast...we went art supply shopping and lunched at Pedro O'Hara's in Brunswick, and ended with gelato...mmmm. Kellie made us all awesome Maine team keychains and we got to meet the little mastermind behind MySpiderLegs, an 8-year-old arteest! Oh, and torrone gelato...devine!
Tuesday's inauguration made me cry happy tears, as a history buff the back-to-back MLK Day and Inauguration Day was almost too much to handle! The whole thing made me miss DC and I can't wait to take a trip down to Virgina again and see my family in Alexandria as well as show my husband around town--he's never been! We discussed it a bit over a celebratory dinner date Tuesday evening.
I went bowling just last night with some of my former co-workers and had a blast. An hour of bowling followed by three hours of chatter at Tim Horton's? Perfect in my book.

On the job front...I've got a possible gig as a Nanny coming up. NannyBunny! That would be fun. I also started applying at....dun dun DUNNNN...dry cleaners. My dad is a dry cleaner, I grew up at a dry cleaner's, I know how the business works. I need something to do with my time until we move in August, and I am not about to go back into retail just yet...I do love working retail...I like to help customers, set up a display, learn about new products...I'm good at it. I'm not good at dealing with the BS that comes with a poorly-managed shop, though. Anyone remember Sheena? Ugh.

On that note, it's time to get out of my house! Until next time...

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