Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snow and Ice

There is a huge full moon tonight with a halo around it, caused by light going through ice crystals in the upper atmosphere. It's so pretty! I wish I could have gotten a better photo.

I absolutely love winter. Snow, ice, cozy nights on the couch with hot chocolate! Warm mittens and hats! The beauty of snowflakes! Clear, bright nights! It's one of my favorite seasons (ok, they're all my favorite). We're supposed to get up to six inches of snow tonight and it can't start soon enough. I'm hoping to get some snowshoeing in tomorrow while Matt is at work, and I saw an article today in the Patroller (a Navy newspaper for our base) that there are snowshoe rentals on the base...which means I am dragging Matt out with me on Monday!

I love those bobby pins. I wish I had more than one pair...but that's all that was left of those snowshoe charms! Lauren, my friend and these pins' namesake, was over to the apartment today for Ravioli Making. I have to capitalize that, because there is so much more to making these Ravs than to throwing some frozen ones in a pot of boiling water and adding some Prego from a jar. It's my family's recipe, I don't know who it originated with. We mainly eat these ravs for special occasions (Christmas, etc) but I love them too much to only have them once or twice a year! They are made with homemade pasta dough and a filling made of cheese, spinach, pork, and beef. Delicious!
Lauren had never made her own pasta, let alone a huge dish. So together we made homemade sauce and the Ravs (though hers were minus the meat) and had lots of fun doing it. Of course I overstuffed the Ravs and the leftovers are going to be Ravioli Muck (something poor Matt has enjoyed a few times too many...they still taste good! They just aren't so pretty...) Lauren also made a pie for her friend's birthday (I would LOVE a birthday pie, FYI) and a mini turnover for us to share (one bite each!)
It was a great afternoon, lots of laughing, smiles, and food. Hopefully we can get together later this week before she leaves for Spring Semester. Kristin at Burnt Meadow Beads is also due for a visit, so maybe we can get some beading in?? Look for more items in my shop soon...and check out some of those links throughout this'll see some great items not only from my shop but from some of the Etsy Maine Team's wonderful shops as well!


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