Thursday, December 10, 2009

Works in Progress

Here's a few peeks at things that don't have anything to do with decorating Christmas trees...really!

There are a few new items up at BunnyBaubles, and a few to come at BunnyBeads, but I have been spending a lot of time working on gifts for my friends and family...and gifts from my friends and family.

Check out these bracelets my sister ordered. One for her Mother-In-Law and one for her Stepmother-In-Law (SMIL?)

This one is her MIL's two sons and one grandson's birthstones. This could have been, purple, and red! I decided to use pearl for June instead of tanzanite and white opal for October instead of pink...imagine all boys and having the most girly-colored Valentine's-esque bracelet ever! Yuck.

And this is for the "classy crunchy granola" SMIL, hematite and turquoise...not my fav combo, but I don't have to wear it.

I found those great clasps from lilysoffering on Etsy...she donates 10% of her sales to Domestic Abuse Awareness, which is great! The money is used for counseling service, housing, and transition services for women and children affected by domestic violence. I got my beads and findings super-fast and I'm glad to have helped a good cause in some small way.

My Swarovski crystals and pearls I bought from 411Crystals, another Etsy shop. Her crystals aren't horrifically overpriced like so many other sellers' are, and they arrived quickly and in mint condition. It's a great shop to find just about any color you'd need in all the basic shapes. Fantastic!

The lovely stone beads came from my favorite B&M shop and former employer, The Beadin' Path. I'm happy to say I'll be one of their "Design Partners" soon and I can't friggin wait. The lovely Heather, a co-owner, will be sending me some bead-y lovelies and I'll get to play and show off the results right here...keep those eyes peeled! =) It'll be fun and awesome!

Speaking of the BP, does anyone remember the Tweet Your Studio contest the BP had with Dawno a few months ago? I won a lap-desk thingy for beading and it has been a GODSEND. With my non-studio space (the couch!) I needed some help! Thanks so much again, ladies!

That was a necklace in the works for my BFF Nelda's birthday...freshwater pearl, labradorite, and Swarovskis with a sterling cross. She put it on as soon as she opened the box! Hooray!


Next up? A Florida Gators-themed bracelet. Again, glad I don't have to wear that one! Gimme Celtics Green and we'll be all set =)
Also coming Etsy Maine Team secret santa gift...I wish I could show it off now! But we're not opening gifts til the 18th...y'all gotta wait!! And so does my Secret Santa..>=) Whoever they are!

Happy creating!


  1. I'm so happy you're enjoying your lap desk! Thanks for the mention and congrats on the great news about becoming a design partner for The Beadin' Path.

  2. The clasp looks great on that bracelet..It fills out the ends very nicely! Thank you for sending me the link ;) lilysoffering on etsy.