Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

...I finally got to decorate my trees! We have been dogsitting a HUGE dog all week (See above!), so we didn't want to put out the trees til he was gone. Now I have FOUR trees in my house, woohoo!

There's Pants with our REAL tree...our first real one as a married couple, which is great! We picked out a really great one, I think. Here is it with my Crunchy Country Bumpkin ornaments...

You can see my hideous pink tree up there in the corner too =D I love that thing. And I love my tree! Here are some of my ornaments...I'm silly, I take pictures of everything!

Here is our old artificial tree. It's got my usual Peppermint Theme, which I am carrying over to the ugly light fixture. All red and silver and white and pretty in my front window.

And here is my fourth and final tree...this is the Pants Tree, because he doesn't really care for my white-lights-themed trees. So I gave him a two-foot colored-lights-themed tree. Yep...those are Yoda lights. And Star Wars ornaments.

What, don't you have Star Wars trees?

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