Sunday, January 31, 2010

Valentine's day is around the corner...

...and whether you love or hate the day (I admit, I'm not sure how I feel about the so-called holiday myself) you know you're going to be surrounded by red and pink and hearts galore. So I thought it'd be a great idea to design some really fun and funky pieces for the day with beads from the Beadin' Path. Check out this blog entry from last month to see what I started out with.

My first creations were a bracelet and necklace set. I used a length of vintage chain for the necklace and hung big lucite ribbed rounds and a couple lucite bell flowers from it (using Czech glass baby bell flowers in the center of each lucite flower) and added a little sparkle with Swarovski bicones in fuchsia. I left the necklace long, which is unusual for me, but I ended up loving it.

I echoed the bright silver of the necklace's chain in the bracelet with metallic seed beads. This is a really simple design to make, and it's also great to give as a gift. Whenever I make bracelets for others I am always afraid they'll be too short or too long. But the looping seed beads of this crossweave bracelet give a bit of stretch, which is perfect for that situation. I used the same ribbed rounds and bell flowers and crystals as in the necklace.

Tada! A perfect match. I am in love with this set! I may not be able to wait until the 14th to wear them =)

This next bracelet, however, may have to is so girly and fun but also REALLY Valentine-y.

I used a vintage lucite opaque pink bangle bracelet I bought ages ago (I am SO sure that the BP still has them, too!) and epoxied these gorgeously glittery plastic leaf beads all around it. This adds not just the glitz but the texture I really wanted to mix in with my other plain bangle bracelets. I think I'll wear this one with a couple white bangles and a few in different shades of pink...very 80's!

I think that's it for tonight folks...I'll be back in soon with more pink-inspired designs (earrings galore!) and with some new pieces I'm adding to my shops this week...until then, happy creating!

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