Monday, April 26, 2010

Neapolitan Dream

It's been a good 7 weeks since my last blog post (and of course I probably promised in that post to update again soon...sorry!). In my defense, I was out of town (visiting home!). I am also lazy. =)

But here I am yet again, lovely readers, with a new piece for my small collection of Donna Necklaces, a collection named after my dearest mother. This pretty baby was started in late January and finished just yesterday (again, lazy)...

I started out with some of my Beadin' Path Design Partner beads (check out the stash I started out with here) and added to it with some BP favs. The carnation pink Czech glass pinch beads and the marbled pink Czech glass daggers were part of the bundle I received from Heather, the rest were pulled from my personal stash!

The teeny pink coral rounds were actually from a great Beads in the Mail Club set from about a year ago (are you a hoarder like me? I always save things for the right piece!). The matte cocoa seed beads were meticulously plucked from one of the fabulous seed bead mixes (don't want to pluck? Here's a tube of ALL the same bead...wonderful concept, really. Why didn't I think of that?) and the brown agate rounds were actually going to be part of a different necklace many many moons ago...but of course I changed my mind. 'Twas destiny! They were destined to be a part of this delicious Neapolitan Dream necklace!

The fabulous Bali cones I snagged from another Esty shop, MegaBeadStore. The hook clasp is a BP staple, you can find it here.

I hope it won't take me another 7 weeks to update again...I have some earrings to match this necklace I'd like to show off while still relevant!

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